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Welcome! I’m so happy you are here!

I have been helping people navigate change and make difficult decisions my entire career. With a degree in psychology from the University of Illinois, I have had the pleasure of doing everything from working in the senior living industry and helping older adults make a decision to move into a retirement or assisted living community, to being a group fitness instructor helping moms reclaim their identity postpartum through exercise, nutrition and a sense of community.

Now as a Certified Divorce Coach and Certified Career Coach, I help men and women make tough decisions related to their marriage or their career (and sometimes both!) so they can move forward with clarity and confidence.

I want you to be your best self, and sometimes it takes a major overhaul of your life in order to rebuild in a way that is authentic and genuine to who you really are.

I’m also a busy mama who has been faced with the hard truth of needing to end my marriage. My kids were quite young (2 and 4) when I filed for divorce. As a planner, I found myself seeking resources in any way possible - my attorney (and others I did consultations with), a financial planner, a therapist, friends, family, etc. Yet the best decision I made through my divorce was engaging a divorce coach!

The coach I worked with put me in touch with an entire network of support and helped me to map out my goals for the process. I thought I had considered all possible scenarios of how it would play out, and boy was I wrong. The one scenario I hadn’t considered was that my ex would relocate out of state upon my decision, and I would immediately assume full responsibility for my two children while working full-time and navigating a messy divorce. I learned so much about myself, found more inner strength than I knew I had, and figured out how to keep moving forward despite the chaos.

I have spent almost 20 years in an extremely successful career in sales and leadership in the senior housing industry, and have found that helping others navigate the journey of divorce is surprisingly similar to the buyer's journey in senior housing. No one actually aspires to embark on the divorce journey, much like no one exclaims “I can’t wait to move my mom into an assisted living community!”. However, when that journey is inevitable, much like a divorce, once through the storm you will often hear them say they wish they had done it sooner. There is the freedom that comes with taking the first steps even when you are uncertain if it’s the right path, and I’m here to help you every step of the way. You’ll emerge stronger and more certain of yourself, with a clear action plan to build a more authentic life.

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